This Privacy Policy was updated on October 22, 2017.

Privacy Rights.

Everyone has a right to privacy - under law and morally. We respect that. People who access our website are no exception. To operate our website we collect information that identifies you and enables us to contact you. We have a policy about the privacy of the information that we collect in the course of our operations.

1. The information that we collect.

We collect information that identifies you in some way and enables us to contact you. In our policy we refer to this as identifying information. Identifying information can be anything. Examples aren't limited to your name, user name and email address. Your physical address, a credit card number and even a government-issued identifying number (like a U.S. social security account number) can be identifying indormation. However, we are not talking about information that is in the public domain or that we could find when you did not supply it to us.

2. Why do we have a Privacy Rights policy?

This is an internal policy of FlashBattles Gaming, LLC™. It's something that our own employees and trusted contractors have to follow. You have rights under our privacy policy. Thus, we publish our policy to you, so that you can know your privacy rights.

3. How do we collect identifying information about our customers.

Every entry of your identifying information that is posted on our website is collected and stored when entered. When you register, the information that you post is collected and stored. The same applies when you open a FlashBattles™ services account, enter a contest, buy a product, respond to a survey or interact with one of our message boards.

4. What do we do with your identifying information?.

There are many ways that we have to use your identifying information to operate the FlashBattles™ web site. Some are obvious from the circumstances of your supplying identifying information, like entering, ordering, registering and claiming a prize. Some may not be obvious. We have to make governmental reports. We use identifying information to determine what our customers want and how effective our offerings are in responding to the preferences of our customers. Sometimes we have to pay royalties. Stored identifying information enables us to determine what royalties to pay and to whom, and yes, we use identifying information to contact our customers about the products and services that are available on our website. Sometimes we may use the email address that you have posted to tell you about these. We may also share your identifying information with other business that we trust so that they too may respond with communications to you about products and services that you may be interested in, or by posting their advertisements on our web site. (To enjoy our trust, the other business has to enter into an enforceable agreement with us to protect your identifying information at least as well as we do.)

5. Hyperlinks.

When you activate a hyperlink to a web site, you will not be on™ any more. For this reason our privacy policy won't apply to any identifying information that you may post on the other web site. You need to rely on the other web site's privacy policy when interacting with it via a hyperlink.

6. You can opt out.

When you access™ or post identifying information on our website, that act, without more means that it's acceptable to you for us to send announcements and advertisements to you and to share your identifying information in the ways mentioned in our privacy policy; BUT, YOU CAN OPT OUT and cancel your consent to this. To do so, notify us by signed/dated hard-copy correspondence through the mail addressed postage prepaid to FlashBattles Gaming, LLC,™ c/o Harvard Business Services, Inc., 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958-9776 (United States of America). When we receive your correspondence about opting out, we will take commercially reasonable steps to stop sending to you announcements and solicitations and to stop sharing your identifying information. You can even ask us to delete your identifying information.

7. This is how we protect the confidentiality of your identifying information.

Storage of your identifying information is password protected. The server on which the identifying information is stored is secure. Transmissions of your identifying information is via Secure Socket Layer technology. The identifying information itself is encrypted. Access to this identifying information is limited to people who need the access to do their jobs and who are contractually obligated to comply with our privacy policy. You need to know, though, that backup technology means that even closed-account identifying information cannot be totally deleted. We have to heep it in some secure form to comply with the law, troubleshoot, prepare studies and statistical reports, and use it for other purposes that normally do not involve sharing the identifying information with others for a commercial purpose. Some of this information may be stored in non-erasible form.

8. What if you have questions about our privacy policy?

Send your inquiry in signed/dated hard copy form to: Privacy Policy Administrator, FlashBattles Gaming, LLC,™ c/o Harvard Business Services, Inc., 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958-9776 (United States of America).

9. If you are younger than thirteen years, please don't enter or post your identifying information on! ™

By their rules, our contests and other services aren't open to children younger than thirteen years. We don't knowingly store, disclose or share identifying information about such a child. We encourage anyone concerned about identifying information of such a child to notify us in signed/dated hard copy form to: Privacy Policy Administrator, FlashBattles Gaming, LLC,™ c/o Harvard Business Services, Inc., 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958-9776 (United States of America), so that we can take action to delete the child's identifying information.

10. What about tracking devices, like "cookies?"

There are small text files that many web sites install on a computer which accesses the web site. These text files enable the web site server to recognize the individual computer that accesses the web site. Such text files have a variety of colloquial names: cookies, web beacons and clear gliffs are some of them. Yes, we use “cookies,” but they delete when your session on™ ends. Our cookies don't contain your identifying information, but they may enable our server to connect your identifying information with your computer. If you hyperlink to someone else's web site, it may install a different cookie. We're not responsible for that.

11. Updates

We may update our privacy policy from time to time. The last update is noted at the top of this document. Whenever you look at our privacy policy, you ought to check the latest update notation.